Information for the investor

        Our company Great Imperial LLC has been steadily manufacturing and supplying fiberglass, fiberglass rebar and fiberglass composite mesh and decking for more than 12 years. In 2017, it was decided to organize the production of fiberglass reinforcement, fiberglass masonry mesh and composite decking in the USA, Florida, Miami. In the state of Florida, Great Imperial LLC has all the permits, high-quality equipment, which does not cause malfunctions. All personnel have a specially trained program of work in the company.

      The company has a good competitive advantage, as fiberglass is produced with high quality and by professionals with extensive experience. An innovative product and plus all of this, all products have nanoparticles, unlike competitors, the formula was developed by a professor of civil engineering and is confidential information and property of Great Imperial LLC.

      When investing in our company, you will be sure of the reliability of your investments and the regular payment of dividends, which range from 5.72% per annum.

      The main goal of our company is to become the number one in the United States in the production of fiberglass reinforcement, fiberglass mesh and decking.